Autodiscover.xml caching

I would like to force the caching of the autodiscover.xml file on our domain. Currently I always get a DYNAMIC cache status back even while adding a rule for it.
Any hints to share?



Thank you for asking.

You would have to:

  1. Create a new Page Rule and point the path to the specific autodiscover.xml file
  2. Select and use Cache Level: Cache Everything option for that

By default, .xml filetype isn’t cached.
Kindly, find relevant information about which filetypes are cached by default at Cloudflare edge at the link from below.

I’m on a entreprise contract.
I tried the following:
I create a page rule matching *XXXX.XXX/*autodiscover.xml
with following options enabled:
Browser Cache TTL: an hour,
Cache Level: Cache Everything,
Edge Cache TTL: 4 hours,
Origin Cache Control: On

… still no HIT only DYNAMIC

May I ask what HTTP headers is the origin sending for that file? :thinking:
Can you output that response via curl?

And which one do you see when you re-check after, either in different web browser?

Is this for the standard Outlook Autodiscover process? That makes HTTP POST requests, which are not usually catchable. You can make them cacheable with a worker.

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correct it is a POST and therefore not cacheable as such.
Stu*** me.


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