Autodiscover Issue with Outlook desktop - came out of know where

up until yesterday my email via outlook desktop app was working fine.

now I am getting an error with the following message:

my dns/cloudflare was set up years ago by a IT person I longer have contact with and I dont have the faintest idea what I am doing.

please advise, thank you

here is the message:

  1. We got an unexpected autodiscover response.
    We can see that your mailbox is in Office 365. However, AutoDiscover service seems to have configuration issues that prevent Outlook to connect o Office 365. An intermediate web server at is interfering with AutoDiscover service and responding with incomplete data.

Your administrator need to either remove or correct the AutoDiscover component from

To work around this issue if your administrator can’t resolve the above soon, please take the following action:

Create an Outlook registry key to exclude the HTTPS root domain. For more information about how to do this, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: 2212902Important Excluding the HTTPS root domain is not a long-term solution for this issue. This workaround is provided as immediate relief for it. As soon as your administrator resolves the above AutoDiscover issue, the Outlook registry key must be removed.
You need to either remove or correct the AutoDiscover component from If is managed by a web hosting provider, please contact them, and make sure that the web server is not responding to Autodiscover requests.

The lack of an Autodiscover file means nothing, it is just one of several different mechanisms clients use to obtain configuration.

If you are in a pure Office 365 environment, you can use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity tool to check the records are correctly set up.

thanks for this, all tests passed.

its strange as my other emails within outlook are working fine.

I loaded my profile onto another computer and the email is working fine on that system.

is it possible that outlook changed some type of configuration I am unaware off?

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