Autodiscover is not propogating - preventing me from accessing Exchange email

I have the entries on the DNS settings page. I’m not able to connect my MSExchange/Outlook to the Exchange server.


May I ask are the DNS record “autoconfig” and “autodiscover” existing in Cloudflare DNS tab/settings page?

Moreover, if so, is the DNS record being :orange: or :grey: cloud? Kindly, try switcing it to :grey: cloud.

It’s value should be either an A record with the “content value” of the IP address, or it should be a CNAME record pointing to other hostname (hopefully that hostname is being :grey: cloud too).

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@fritexvz Changing the DNS record to the grey cloud was the right answer! Many many thanks!

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I am happy to assist you :slight_smile:
Moreover, just a quick reminder, if you already haven’t got, get an SSL certificate or have the valid one for your e-mails and your domain(s) to keep all as secure as possible :wink:

Cloudflare proxy provides ssl functionality. Is there a need for MORE than that? Why? What is the value of paying for an SSL certificate with those sellers??

So are you saying you don’t have an SSL certificate on your server?

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