Auto ssl by cpanel do not working with cloudflare

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A question, I am adding the SSL certificate to my website, but the certificate does not appear, could you please support me if I did it correctly, guide me to this website

my certify

Your site is proxied so you will only see Cloudflare’s edge certificate when you connect to your web site. The certificate on your origin server will only be seen by Cloudflare’s proxy connecting to your origin.

If you want to see your origin certificate, pause Cloudflare or set the DNS record to “DNS only” briefly to see it, but set it back to being proxied to ensure Cloudflare protects your site.

Your DNS also has 2 SPF records when there should only be one so you need to fix that.

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The thing is that the cloudflare certificate does not appear when I want to see more details of the connection, in addition to that in Outlook when they open the program it tells them that the certificate is not valid, I enter the domain and I get that the connection is not secure :(, As for the SPF, thank you very much, I already eliminated it :slight_smile:

That is the Cloudflare certificate you are showing in your screenshot, it matches this…

Cloudflare uses LetsEncrypt and Google for Universal SSL…

For email, if Outlook is connecting to your Cloudflare configuration seems OK (“DNS only”) so you’ll need to check with your mail provider.

No, the truth is I would have to say Cloudflare and not Letsencrypt :frowning:

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Dear Manager, Good

Internet security warning

The server you are connected to is using a security certificate
which cannot be verified.

A required certificate is not within the
validity when the check with the time clock has been carried out.
current system or with the timestamp in the signed file

View certificate

Do you want to continue using this server?

Yes No

What host is Outlook connecting to?

Cloudflare does not proxy mail connections, so that Outlook is getting a certificate at all means that certificate isn’t coming through Cloudflare and is something you need to confirm with your mail provider.

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Does not load 15 year old Cloudflare certificate, but loads letsencrypt with a duration of 4 months

As I said, your site is proxied so you will see the Cloudflare edge certificate (from LetsEncrypt) when visiting your website. The only ways to see the origin certificate in your browser is to connect to the origin directly, or pause Cloudflare or set the DNS record to “DNS only”.

Read this to understand what is happening…

If your mail client is connecting to then that’s your mail problem. Outlook needs to connect to (assuming it has been set with the correct IP address) as Cloudflare cannot proxy mail traffic (unless using the Spectrum product).


Outlook is connecting to, as you can see in this image it tells me that the certificate is not valid, but I don’t know why since as you can see in the previous images I specified that domain

Cloudflare origin certificates are trusted by the Cloudflare proxy (so work for HTTP origins through Cloudflare only) but are not signed by a CA that is trusted by browsers or other clients. See here…

You can either accept the certificate and ignore the warning, or you need an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA on your mail server.


Ok well, thanks anyway :frowning:

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