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I’ve set up variations of page rules on my domain pointing to IPFS including URL forwarding and always on HTTPS without avail. The domain points to IPFS.

I’d like to redirect all HTTP traffic including with and without www to use HTTPS please.

I was wondering if I could send @thibault1 a direct message with my domain to resolve this (noted whilst searching other posts here).


Unfortunately, DMs aren’t an option. You can either post the domain name here, or open a ticket via email (support AT cloudflare DOT com) and mention the domain name, then post the ticket # here for reference.


Thank you for the quick response. Understood, I have opened the following ticket: #2356643

Hi @sdayman, I hope you had a good weekend.

I was wondering whether the above can be looked at? I’ve noticed from other posts here that it may need to be escalated.

Thanks and have a great day.

Sorry, I didn’t see your ticket # post. I’ve added it to the escalation queue.

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No worries, thank you!

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Hey @sdayman, i’ve now had a response to the ticket but they have not understood the enquiry. Any chance I can get someone who has dealt with IPFS and HTTPS look into this?

The latest response I have received from Anjana is to contact IPFS to add page rules despite Cloudflare managing the DNS for my domain. The suggestion does not seem right and I have provided the links for the following community posts where @domjh and @thibault1 have been able to assist in enabling auto HTTPS on domains pointing to IPFS.

Example 1:

Ipfs static page redirect http->https - #2 by domjh

Example 2:

Https for ipfs

Example 3:

Auto redirect http to https - #5 by domjh

Another Example 4: Resolved by @Chris_M

How to always redirect to https - #8 by jeissoni_22

Any chance someone that understands my query can enable HTTPS on my domain pointing to IPFS please?

My ticket ID is: #2356643

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