Auto redirect Cloudflare protected site to by Using infinityfree hosting

My username and others detail of my id is shown below (Username epiz_27970030):

enter image description here

I have bought one domain by the name of
and I am trying to add this domain to the infinityfree account (

So I have tried to change the Cloudflare NS setting to desired setting as you can see below:
enter image description here

###The Error Message

As you can see below, I can not add domain to the :

By selecting Addon Domains option, as you can see below, I get the below error:

Error Adding Domain…

enter image description here

Also, I have tried the Cloudflare setting and get this error, as you can see below:
enter image description here

CLOUDFLARE ERROR : We were unable to identify as
a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain
and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

The domain is redirecting to this site :
enter image description here

So I want to know, I must wait until 72 hours or have to do something to fix this problem (redirecting to the or!).

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Hi @soheil_paper, I am not sure I’m tracking with all the steps you’ve taken nor the end goal. But, I can offer some general advice.

First, the domain shows as active on Cloudflare and the name servers point to cloudflare.

Next, the suspended error pages are not cloudflare errors.

Finally, do you have/can you share documentation that you’re following from painting-persta to set up the domain?

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