Auto Purge Cache?

I Update 20/30 contents daily , because i manage a web with info like coupon discount codes, that change every day / week.

Is there any method to auto purge cache only for the updated posts?

You can purge specific URLs, or everything. On Enterprise plans you can use tags too.

You can also send Cache-Control headers on the origin to give Cloudflare an idea of how frequently to re-validate the content, your dynamic pages could probably be checked every few minutes, negating the need to manually clear anything.

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Beyond the advice given by @thedaveCA, if your site is a WordPress site you can install the Cloudflare plugin and activate the Automatic Cache Management feature. It will purge specific pages (and related feeds) from cache (assuming you are using Cache Everything) when pages are edited or deleted, or purge everything whenever you change themes or use WordPress’ customizer.


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