Auto minify produce invalid JS

I found a JS file that will become invalid with Cloudflare’s “auto minify” turned on.

The JS file (browser.bundled.js) and its auto minified output (browser.bundled.autominified.js) can be found at

node -c browser.bundled.autominified.js shows SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token.

I would turn off auto minify. It sounds like your application is already being minified

Thanks for the tip. Yes, I’ve turned off auto minify already.

I think Cloudflare would be interested in fixing auto minify though. The test file I linked would be useful to them.

If you could provide a minimal example of both the source and minified result that creates an issue, that would help us escalate this to get it looked at and resolved in future.

Minimizing the example would be much easier if the JS-minify algo can be run locally.

I believe Cloudflare’s developer will find the example I gave useful enough. If needed, they can use creduce to get a minimal example - given they can run the JS-minify algo on their machines.

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