Auto-minify not working


Currently I have a website proxied through cloudflare, I already enabled the speed options to get the minification.
This website is in Prestashop and there’re already activated the options to optimize the code.

What could be mistaken?

Thank you.

Which domain and what exactly is not working?

That domain is currently not proxied.

I just turn the proxy off to make a test. But all this time has been proxied

Once it is proxied HTML is minified.

I just turned it on but its remaining the same.


It’s still not proxied. You probably paused Cloudflare.

Where can I change that?

Domain is still not proxied. As long as it is not proxied none of the Cloudflare features can work.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

I already stopped the pause of the website and it the website is not being minified yet.
I turned on the proxy as well.

Thank you

It is now proxied and seems to be minified for me. Note that if you are viewing in the debug window of the browser, the debugger will “pretty print” the HTML for you (so it won’t look minified) unless you ask it to show the original formatting (which will be the minified version).


Correct, the domain has been proxied for a while and as mentioned earlier, HTML is now also properly minified.

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