Auto Minify error with iphone


On my wordpress site I use w3tc caching, minifying works fine for both phones and computers.

When I turn off minification on w3tc and use Cloudflare minification, computers are fine, however using a phone the style sheet fails to load.

Any ideas?



The first thing to do is to identify which style sheet is failing. If you can share the URL of the stylesheet and explain which styles on the page are rendered incorrectly that can help us track this down. It may be your style sheet has a parsing error that Cloudflare’s minification does not understand, or there is a bug in the minification itself.


I’m also experiencing some display bugs on mobile devices (Android and iOS) that seem to be related to a non-compatible conversion of colors.

In my case, the following CSS lines are being minified to background: #0000:

  • background: transparent
  • background: rgba(0,0,0,0)

As @reply says, this issue doesn’t affect desktop devices as most browsers allow alpha in a hex represention.


Thanks for the suggestion about identifying which style sheet it is, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to debug it, I’ve just reverted to letting w3tc do the work. I did a speed test on and it’s my main style sheet that will not load. I’ll have to get back to looking for the solution at a later date



Thanks for reporting this one - we’re looking into it and working on a fix.


This should be fixed now @josemmo - thanks for the report. @reply are you still seeing issues?


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