Auto Minify CSS breaking changes

Hello Cloudflare Support,

we had activated Auto Minify for CSS, Javascript and HTML since the beginning, but yesterday we found out a breaking change.
The CSS was not valid anymore, after using the Auto Minify. (see screenshot for more information)

Original -> Cloudflare with auto minification:
font-familiy: “Segoe UI” -> font-family: segoe ui

After disabling this feature and cleaning up the cache everything works again.

Could you please inform us, if there were some new updates to this feature?

Thanks in advanced

Possibly related to CSS minify causes errors.

I’d open a support ticket to clarify that. Maybe Cloudflare made some changes.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve just open a support ticket to Cloudflare. I wonder what was the change made, because this feature was working before.

Support can hopefully elaborate on this.

Post the ticket number here, so @cloonan can track it.

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Thanks, the ticket number is #1805149

Check out the latest response at CSS minify causes errors - #10 by MLK90 as well. It refers to a potential issue with the order of the attributes.

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Our engineering team have identified a bug in a new release of the minification, they are busy resolving the issue. In the meantime, if this is affecting your site you can disable css minification via our page rules for the affected resource - Is there a tutorial for Page Rules and then purge the cache - How do I purge my cache?.

The issue you have been experiencing with minification should now be resolved.

Thanks everyone for the support