Auto IP Blocking System

Good to see you, developers.
I am planning to use CLOUDFLARE for blocking an abnormal website access.
I want to use a waf system.

BUT, I don’t know well how to set the program.

I want to block short and continuous connections.
For example, if some users continuously access my site once every 10 seconds, I want to block the IP for that user permanently.

The waf seems to that it can block the IP maximum 1 hour.

How can I protect the abnormal accesses.

If you know, please answer my question.

Thank you for reading.

That seems really aggressive rate limiting. Does your site have more than 10 assets like scripts or images? If so, then after 1 load of your site, an IP is blocked forever.

There is no built-in feature to Cloudflare to permanently block an IP off rate limit. You would have to do something custom to first get the requests made then update a block list with the IP address.


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