Auto generate cache and cache clearing

HI there everyone,
Let me start by telling you about our setup.
We are using redis on our server for cache with cloudlfare.
Now that cache has TTL on redis lets us say for any given url pattern is 29 days and configured a month on cloudlfare.

Let us say we have a HTML change a pages based on one pattern. eg.:<username>. Lets is say this url has been configure to have standard cache for 1 month on cloudflare and on redis we have cached whole HTML for 29 days.
Since there is a new change in we have to:

  • delete cache for this pattern on cloudflare
  • delete cache on redis as well

By some means we are able to hit our urls and create new cache on redis.
But the propagation of fetching new data from our server to cloudflare is slow.
After clearing cache for any url pattern or sometimes whole site our conversions drop for next 7 days.

We cannot user railgun since we are using cloudflare DNS, we have enabled ARGO few days.

what should be our approach to deal with the drop.

CloudFlare is a PullCDN/reverseProxy CDN which I’am sorry to say so but is not the best option if you are going for speed. Its Cache does not rebuild untill someone requests the files. And after CacheFlush the first request for EVERY FILE on EVERY POP is first slow as it actually is getting served by your origin.
Just the second request for every URL on every Pop is getting served by CloudFlares Cache. When served by Cache CloudFlare is fast. But as you see this performance is not consistant. Thats how CloudFlare works till now.

Actually I have secret plans to change this but noone knows about :upside_down_face:

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