I tried to add domain on Cloudflare even domain are pointed to different different server but Cloudflare is unable to fetch DNS record automatically previously when i used to add domain over Cloudflare it fetched and appear DNS record very seamlessly.

i tried adding couple of time and removed and then again tried to add but Cloudflare is unable to fetched out the same.

Any one have suggestions regards to this apart from suggesting to add it manually.


Thank you for asking.

I saw it happens sometimes, not sure in which circumstances.
Usually, I got no records when the domain had no records before and was recently registered.

Cloudflare make a best guess about what DNS records you already have on your old hosting provider, and add them during the add zone process. There is no way that Cloudflare can know every record you have on your old DNS servers.

If you have an option to export the DNS record from your current hosting provider, you might be able to import them (a txt file in a BIND format).

Otherwise, you can always add the missing DNS records to your domain manually, or either using Cloudflare API.

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