Auto-deleted domain stuck in Cloudflare Technical Limbo. Site Down

Bought domain a few months ago, domain expired, now it’s asking to change to cloudflare nameservers but cloudflare nameservers are already there. Cannot change them to the ones specified.

As mentioned above, I purchased this domain using cloudflare a few months ago. Since then, apparently the domain expired. I just logged in to setup the website on this domain, but apparently I need to change the cloudflare nameservers to slightly different cloudflare nameservers. I cannot change nameservers unless I pay $200 a month? Attached is the DNS settings to change the nameserver, but I cannot edit it.

Purchased the domain ON cloudflare. Domain got “deleted” after 30 days. Cannot manage the domain or edit nameservers.

Current nameservers:

What cloudflare wants them to be?:

Also posted on the support page (, but as a free (but purchased the domain) account it looks like it will be years before I get a response. I would like to either transfer this domain anywhere else or get my site working on here. Domain never expired, just had no activity for 30 days.

Cannot even delete the domain to re-add.

Solved behind the scenes.

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