Authorizing Cloudflare and W3Total Cache on Wordperss

I would appreciate any thoughts why I can’t get Cloudflare to authorize on W3 total Cache’s extension page on Wordpress for To increase the speed of my site, I was following this blog’s steps and everything went fine until the authorize part. “How To Make WordPress Faster With W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare” (Step 5 of the Cloudflare setup) I can’t include its link unfortunately.

Then it just hangs here (I let it hang for an hour or so):

Troubleshotting Steps:
On Cloudflare, my site shows as active and it shows it is speeding up my site. I cleared all the cache’s with w3 total cache, my browser, and purged the Cloudflare cache as well with the button on the screenshot. I read other articles and watched videos and found that you have to change your Wordpress site to English which mine is. I changed it to another language then back to English which didn’t help. I then went to the plugins page and tried logging in to Cloudflare that way. This result is the same, it just hangs, doesn’t say I have the wrong credentials and doesn’t time out. I think it may be connected because that page at least now shows buttons for “home” “settings” and “analytics”. I can’t include a screen shot unfortunately.

If anyone has experienced this or knows how to fix it I would greatly appreciate any tips. Thanks!

That looks like something isn’t loading in your browser.

Try using your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 on Chrome) and check the Console log for errors. And the Network tab for 404 or 403 (or anything else that didn’t load) errors.

Thank you. I do have two “Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403” and a 500 error which I will look into. I appreciate the quick response!

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