Authorizing Certificate since a week


I am setting up the SSL on various sites I have, and one of them, my son’s, shows “Authorizing Certificate” instead of the typical “Active certificate”. I am not sure where to check for that. My son has his own GoDaddy account for his site, the DNS was changed, but it is showing that since last week.

Is there any reason for that? Or something else to do?


This will definitely happen if the nameservers are not set to CloudFlare’s. There may be other causes, but check on that first.


I double-checked and it is set to CloudFlare’s. What else to check?


After 24 hours of “Authorizing certificate”, you should create a support ticket:


Thanks. Will do.


Is the site active in Cloudflare? If you changed the nameservers recently CF might not have detected that yet.


I had it changed a week ago. That is why I am wondering why it is not yet “detected”. I changed the DNS to about 5 sites on that one day, yet that is the only one that is still showing that “Authorizing certificate”


Hm. Well in that case an official ticket is probably in order. Good luck! Maybe you’ll report back?


I will.


Please read the first post of this thread and report there. Thi is an issued that could happen sometimes. Usually the support is able to solve this relatively quick.


In the end, support “have re-ordered the SSL cert” and it is now active.
No explanation as to why, or what, but it is solved now.


It sometimes happen if anything fails for some reason… It should retry but often it doesn’t. It should be all good from now on!


had a similar issue with goDaddy. Make sure there are only two entries and they match cloudflare dns exactly. My issue occured when I changed a domain from one CF account to another and CF changed the name servers. Would not work until I got goDaddy to delete the old name servers leaving only the two new ones.


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