Authorizing certificate since 5 days

Site is When will it become active?

It’s showing ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH for me. What does it say in your Dashboard SSL/TLS settings?

@Withheld this error can happen when Cloudflare is configured with “Flexible” or any “Full” SSL variant in the SSL/TLS app but with no certificate issued: |

Typically the cert should be issued in 24 hours. I suspect there is/was an issue with Cloudflare issuance with free certs since you are not the only one. See this topic Taking too long for Free SSL Authorizing Certificate - #5 by publicarray and I had personally had a new domain fail to issue a cert also about 5 days ago.

I suggest you kindly ask Cloudflare support (Click the “Get more help” button) to issue the certificate for you.

If relevant please answer the following questions in the support request.

How long has it been “authorizing” for?
What of the trouble shooting steps above have you tried?
What is the plan level for the domain in question?
What error, if any, is displaying on your site at the moment?
Are you signed up directly through Cloudflare or through a hosting provider/partner?

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