Authoritative DNS, SSL certs,?


My situation is registration at Network Solutions (many years ago), origin server at Dreamhost, and CDN at Cloudflare. DNS at Network Solutions points to Dreamhost addresses.

The site is active on Cloudflare but with SSL problems. Cloudflare reports a couple of problems I am trying to fix, unsuccessfully.

Problem one: “[example].com does not have a valid SSL certificate. It may take up to 24 hours to issue a new SSL certificate. Make sure that the domain is correctly set up in Cloudflare. Review Why isn’t SSL working for my site? before filing a Cloudflare Support ticket.”

It does have a valid Comodo certificate, according to Dreamhost.

Problem two: “Since you have a CNAME set-up, you need to add a verification TXT record to your authoritative DNS before Cloudflare can activate your domain. We couldn’t find a valid verification DNS record for [example].com. Review How do I do CNAME setup? before filing a Cloudflare Support ticket.”

By “authoritative DNS”, do they mean at Network Solutions? (BTW, Cloudflare has activated the domain, but there seems to be something wrong with the setup.)

I have read the suggested readings, and they are not very helpful. For example, I thought maybe directing the DNS at Network Solutions directly to Cloudflare nameservers might be necessary. But I can’t find the names f the CXloudflare nameservers. Cloudflare setup support says “You can find the Cloudflare name servers for your domain in your Cloudflare dashboard under Overview.”
No, I can’t. My Overview doesn’t look like their screenshot.

I’d assumed Dreamhost + Cloudflare would handle all the details of adding Cloudflare to the site, but that hasn’t happened. I wonder whether the fact that at Network Solutions the domain has a private registration has anything to do with these problems.

Any advice would be very gratefully received.




I thought the forum rules didn’t allow giving the actual domain name. Is that so? If it’s okay I’d be happy to supply it.


Cloudflare is all about DNS. Since about 99% of us don’t have access to your account we need to know your domain in order to help. We ask and you decide if your’re fine with it or not.

It’s about publishing others data


Great, The domain name is
Thanks for considering this.


The domain’s nameservers do not point to Cloudflare.


Yes, Sandro, you are right. The DNS at Network Solutions points to the nameservers at DreamHost.
It is not clear under the arrangement between DreamHost and Cloudflare, whether this should be the case. I would have assumed that when DreamHost added Cloudflare to the account, they would have changed this.

Unfortunately, I can’t in my dashboard find the addresses of the Cloudflare nameservers, or I would see what effect changing the Network Solutions settings has.


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