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Hi there, I have been setting up a Microsoft account for my organisation. I have been asked to sign in to Cloudflare to give authorisation to Microsoft to verify my domain, but am unsure of where to proceed from there. Can anyone help?

Microsoft needs to provide instructions on what they want to see in order to verify. It’s usually a DNS record. Again, they need to provide that.

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Thank you. This is what they ask for - I don’t know much about any of the options!

Use the TXT record method. That should be easier.

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TXT record is good choice, but you can also use text file too. Just download the file and then upload to root of your domain hosting which you can access via yourdomain.tld/filedownload.html
Then clear cache on Cloudflare, and then verify it on Microsoft 365.

Thanks for your help.

Sadly I am still having problems. I have tried setting up a TXT record and an MX record, which have worked, but then when it comes to authorising the DNS record, it is unsuccessful. Any suggestions? I have spoken to Microsoft and they said it’s not something they can do at their end, but a problem with the Cloudflare side of things.

Can you post a screenshot of Microsoft’s instructions for your TXT record, and the actual hostname.domain name you added it as?

Sure! The domain is

Screenshot from microsoft 365 admin center attached - with instructions of how to verify domain.

I saw you are using G Suite MX records and no TXT record added.

may be TXT not work.

I still don’t know which TXT record they asked you to add, so I can not verify it.

Just tried adding a new TXT record again. It shows up as being added at my end - can you see it now? Screenshot attached.

Thanks for your help in this.

P.S. Can it be anything to do with the name servers?

On that DNS page, can you scroll down and verify that the assigned name servers are Kay and Jack?

They asked me to add this (attached). Screenshot also shows error message.

Yes I can scroll down. The name servers are not Kay and Jack though (attached). I take it I need to change these - is it simple to do?

Your domain registrar has the wrong name servers. It looks like it’s registered at eNom. You’ll have to log into your account there and set the WHOIS information to use Robin and Rodney instead. It can take up 48 hours for that change to take effect.

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