Authorisation code error

my domain is currently with godaddy. i wish to transfer it to Cloudflare. i got the authorisation code from godaddy, i entered the same in Cloudflare. but, Cloudflare says the code is incorrect?
this is the error:
The registry has indicated that the authorization code is not correct. Please re-enter the code again. If you continue to receive an authorization code error, please request a new code from your current registrar.

FYI, i have also unlocked the domain in godaddy, so it’s eligible for transfer.

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Same problem here. This is the second auth code I’ve tried, and the second time I’ve gotten the error. The codes are supposed to be good for 40 days, correct?

Hi, the issue i was facing got solved. i basically requested GoDaddy to generate a new, fresh authorisation code for me…and it worked.

just to let u know, i was on live chat with them for about an hour, it took some time for them to generate a new code…and it did work…so yes, hope it works for you as well. good luck. do let me know if you need any help!

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Thank you. I’ll try to request a new code via phone, and then immediately pounce on the transfer.

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