Hello, I try to log into my cloudflare account but I am asked for my Authentifizierungstoken. I dont have one. How can I log in?
No, I did not get any Email with this token and yes I checked my spam.

Now I got one, but when I type it in, I get an error, that it´s the wrong token.

Same here. Starting this morning. I am not able to login to my account because the email with the authentication token does not come through. My account is associated with a mail address.
And a similar situation while trying get to a protected part of my domain via Cloudflare Access. The authentication code email is not coming through.
Any advice?

Eventually one token email cam through and I could login. I switched to 2FA with an OTP app right away …

Same here. Three token Emails came trough (after hours) and the last one worked. BUT my 2FA is disabled… So this leaves a bad and unsecure feeling…

I had to activate my 2FA as well. And I did so immediately when I gained access again this afternoon. I was already using MS Authenticator app for other purposes. So I activated the 2FA in my Cloudflare account, scanned the QR code, … and have 2FA up and running now.

I did exactly the same. Hope that’s it. Thank you for sharing!

You are welcome.
I had similar issues today as well with receiving one-time pin emails for my site protected by Cloudflare Access. Emails to or with the pin did not come through or in one case it took ages. I tried a address then and that worked right away. So, in my case the root cause might be related to the mail provider, not necessarily to Cloudflare.

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