Authenticator wiped, no backup codes saved, can't log in

I did a hard reset of my phone, thinking that a Google backup would save Authenticator data just like it does all other app data. Nope. I see other posts about this situation I have stupidly gotten myself in: no paper backup codes saved, no way to log in. I need serious help. I’ve sent an email to support staff but am panicking that it may take them ages to respond. Is there any other way to get myself verified quickly?

You’re just going to have to wait for Support. If it was easy to recover, it’d be easier to hack.

It’s the weekend, but post your Ticket # here and the date/time you submitted the ticket. Mods will push it along if it seems to be taking too long.

In the mean time, is there a chance you have a device that still has the cookie set to let you log in?

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Thanks for your reply. My ticket is #1487992
It was submitted on 3 March at 7:08 PM.

I checked to see if my old phone could help but no luck.

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