Authenticator app circle of pain

Since I changed my iphone, I’ve having a nightmare accessing Cloudflare. Everytime I try it says the 2fA code (from the MS Authenticator app) isn’t valid. I go through the reset process and gain access, then next time I come back to the site it no longer works and I have to start all over again. That wouldn’t be so bad if the reset process was quick, but you’re forced to wait of 3-5 days and that’s causing my business serious problems. I’m two days into waiting for the latest reset. This problem relates to another account - I had to register a new account just so I can login and try and get some help. Is or has anybody else had a similar problem?

Are you using this login help to regain access?

If you know the account email and have 2FA issues:

Thanks - I know how to reset the 2FA, but everytime I do, the next time I come to login to Cloudflare, it no longer works and I have to reset it again. Each time takes 3-5 days to get the reset code (part of their security apparently). So this question isn’t about how to reset the 2FA, but why I need to keep resetting it. Why does it stop working? Has anybody had this problem before?

Is this for a different account than the one you are using here?

Yes because until I reset it I can’t login with my actual account.

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Can you open an account ticket here,, indicate the name of a site in your account and the email owner of that site. Please share the ticket number here and we’ll flag it for our team to review.

Sorry about this.

Thanks for your efforts. Sadly I can’t open an account ticket because I would have to upgrade the account to be able to do that. I can’t even login in let alone upgrade it! Really frustrating. I could upgrade the new account that I created just so I could post here, but that would be a massive waste of money because I have no domains set-up on this account. I have to say that this whole experience has really put me off using Cloudflare in the future. I can’t login and I can’t get help unless I login??!

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You can open an account ticket with any plan, including Free. If the ticket is automatically closed, you can share the number here so that it can be reopened.

Have you tried using another TOTP authenticator app? You should have one time codes made available to you when you create a TOTP key. I recommend saving them in an encrypted password safe.

You might also consider adding an additional secure MFA option to your account, such as a Yubikey.


I definitely have no option to raise a support ticket. I really wish I did because this feels ridiculously helpless. I’m all for advanced security but when the system isn’t working correctly I should be able to raise a support ticket. This is now damaging my business because I can’t set up new domains. Can anybody do anything to bring this post to the attention of the support team? Please!!!

Hi @christrinder I created ticket 2769120 on your behalf. You will have received a copy of it. Can you reply to that ticket and cc the account for which you are having authentication issues and include any details in your reply along with a link to this conversation, Authenticator app circle of pain - #8 by christrinder

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Thank you!!!

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