Authentication window from CloudFlare CDN activation


Since we’ve activated Cloudflare DNS, we regularly get an authentication window (of the htpasswd type) every time we browse the site. How can we avoid this?

It looks like security, because all connections have to come from Cloudflare IPs.
I don’t have any requests for information in my .htaccess file.


Thanks a lot

That doesn’t look like a Cloudflare related authentication window.

No, but when I ask my host it’s not on his side either.
So I’m thinking it might be related to a special security configuration on the server that’s been triggered since I activated Cloudflare, but I can’t find it. Maybe someone here has an idea?

Has anyone ever had this problem ? :confused:

Has anyone ever had this problem ? :confused:

Make sure that you are restoring visitor IPs. You may have configured access restrictions that are being confused by the Cloudflare proxy IPs.

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Thank you for your reply.

I’ve just made all the changes indicated in the documentation you sent but unfortunately it hasn’t changed anything.

If there is an access restriction configuration, where could it be?

If you pause Cloudflare for your site, does the site still ask for authentication?

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I changed the type A configuration from “Proxied” to “DNS Only” in DNS management and I still have the problem even though it appeared when Cloudflare was activated, I don’t understand.

However, I have the impression that this problem occurred when I activated Cloudflare…

Does anyone have a solution or not?

Can you share the site name @it1280?

This makes it clear that Cloudflare is not related to what you are seeing. The cause lies on your origin server. I would check logs and look for any .htaccess that contain Auth directives.

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