Authentication: Unable to disable 2fa - Error ( Code 1105)

I am going to be no longer able to use Authy desktop for 2fa due to the app being sunset / discontinued on March 19, 2024. I have been using Cloudflare for all my DNS, plus my girlfriends DNS for a long time, years. I made the mistake of adding 2fa about 3 months ago. I am a free account holder

When I go to disable 2fa after entering my password I get the error message as follows, which is invalid as I am the sole user and not a member of a group.

Error message is: “an account you are still a member of requires two facor authorization (Code: 1105)"

screenshot attached

You probably have this enabled:

You can find the setting here:

Thanks Laudin,

I just tried substituting in an alternate 2fa method, the fingerprint scanner on my mac laptop, and I am locked out completely now, neither Authy or the OSX fingerprint works. I’ll use this suggestion after another 3-5 day manual reset request I just applied for again

Okay I found the setting as you specified and also I had the other member of my account set up for 2fa, Mine is now successfully disabled, and hers is about to get the same treatment.

I really appreciate your help

Thanks again,
Bruce M.

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