Authentication Token loop issue

Hi everyone,

My domain is using the Pro plan. For some reason my mail server not work, so I am not able to receive email. My mail server provider said that in order to fix the issue I would need to change the MX registers which are in Cloudflare.

But, I am not able to login in cloudflare neither because an authentication token was sent to my mail server which is not working for the reason above.

So, what can I do, please? I really need to login in Cloudflare.

Thank you in advance.

In such case it’s best to open a support ticket.

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I’m stumped here. They can’t log into the dashboard’s ticket system, and the email address associated with their account doesn’t work, so they can’t email Support.

What’s the fallback for that?


Probably temporarily switch Nameservers at the registrar. If even that is on Cloudflare I really don’t know.

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Cloudflare is not their registrar, so that’s certainly an option.

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While it doesn’t sound like that’s what happened here, this seems like a scenario that should be explicitly forbidden:

  1. foobar.example is registered via Cloudflare (Cloudflare is the registrar)
  2. The account’s email address is *@foobar.example or *@*.foobar.example

That light bulb turned on for me a while back. So I use a mail service email address that I pay for. So no matter what happens to any of my own domains, I still have control over my accounts.