Authentication token emails not being sent

We have detected that you are signing in from an unrecognised IP address.

An e-mail has been sent to you with the subject [Cloudflare]: Your login token. Please visit your inbox and enter the token below.

I am using only a Desktop and the same IP address - I am not getting an Authentication Token - I cannot contact Support - as I have to log in to my Account - Which I cannot do as the Authentication Token hasn’t been received. This is my account email.


I am glad I found this post, it is the same for me, I can not even create a support ticket, this has benn an issue for at least for last 3 hours or more. I am not able to login to the dashboard or to the support portal to create a ticket


Count me in, same issue, I had to use another free account from another tenant i’m managing to come here and comment. Not receiving 2FA Token in emails, can’t login, no support. I would would have liked to see this issue in the Cloudflare Status portal as this is severe to have lost access to my DNS. I need to work on them, I’m rethinking the whole Cloudflare concept ATM as it’s been about 24H and I can’t access it, can’t contact support. I will wait another 12 Hours, but at least we need an answer and we need to know they are aware of the issue.

I’m going to try to contact Sales by phone tomorow as I don’t see any other options… something is not right about this situation. You can’t pretend to help business and security if you can’t even report that paying customers don’t have access to their own DNS configuration…

Other then this Good luck Cloudflare on solving/and learning about current issues,
any information on this situation would be much appreciated.

Our video paying customer video portal is also down … what a mess :frowning:


Same story: can not login with 2FA , not receiving email, what’s happening ??

I just got my token email after about an hour.

Please be patient as this delay is in all likelihood the result of an ongoing issue with Cloudflare API (please see the pinned topic for details.)

Hi, this morning i’m receiving token by email but when I enter the token here is the message I get

“The provided authentication code does not match. (Code: 1054)”

Anyone have the same issue ?


It’s finaly working for me, well done fixing this issue.


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