Authentication issues, URGENT

I linked my computer through LG’s smartshare to the TVs in my house and now Cloudflare won’t let me access some websites without Authentication every time. Also when completing Authentication, some parts of websites still do not work. There was nothing wrong with my connection to websites before I used the LG Smartshare for my TVs. My friend said it is a common issue between Cloudflare and LG and I might have gotten accidentally blacklisted for using it.

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That sounds like you’re getting CAPTCHAs from sites using Cloudflare. Here is some information on that:


I have followed those steps and even run anti virus and anti malware with no results showing up, only thing I’ve done is connect smartshare on my PC, which now even if turned off still has me doing these CAPTCHAs.

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You are using an IP address which has been part of malicious act recently. If you are sharing the IP with others (behind a NAT like ISPs usually do) then the traffic may come from others. Or you may be infected without knowing. For anti-viruses it take a while to recognize a new malware (false negative) and even after removing the malware it takes a while for IP to be remove from blacklist.

You can use a personal VPN. If after a while same happened to the VPN IP address, something is wrong with you.

I am having a similar issue though I do not have a LG smartshare.

Cloudflare is effectively making a large part of the web unusable to me right now. Events unfolded like this:

  1. Yesterday or the day before, I began getting Cloudflare captcha prompts on multiple web sites. When I responded to the captcha, I would get access to that particular site (i.e., I would not be prompted a second time on it) – but why CF does not acknowledge the human on the other end of the line once and then “remember” the captcha across all sites is beyond me.

  2. Yesterday, streaming on my Android box started failing. Evidently, the streams were on sites protected by CF captchas and there is no way to respond to the captcha since the interface is not a web browser.

  3. I have AV software installed on all devices in the house. Nevertheless, the support articles that CF points you to suggest that my ISP may be using NAT and that I may be caught up in a blanket application of CF captchas to all users behind the NAT.

  4. Now that wouldn’t be a huge deal if you could answer once and only once to the captcha (i.e. so that CF registers a human at my IP address and that is that), but (a) every site prompts and (b) – and this is the real kicker – I cannot even get on the CF site to report the issue or investigate it. I had to use a VPN to get this far. That is nuts.

  5. The captchas on CF’s web site acknowledge that I am human (green check mark) but both of the attached pages just return to the same page, stuck in an infinite loop, allowing me no further. (No ad blocker enabled; and following CF’s suggestion to install Privacy Pass just puts the browser into the same infinite loop.)

  6. Would it not make sense to allow an end user to know why their IP has been blacklisted by CF? I checked my IP and Project Honeypot and it comes back clean.

In sum: If I have done anything on my internal network to trigger the blacklisting by CF, CF provides no way to know what it is that has triggered it, which makes it impossible to resolve. And if I am being blocked as part of a larger net (i.e. all IPs in a certain subnet of the ISP), then there is nothing at all that I can do to resolve it. Meanwhile, I am cut off from accessing large parts of the 'net and remain at the whim of CF. Is this really the user experience CF wants to give the sites it protects? What are my options?

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Individual sites have different policies. As for your IP, is listed in the Spamhaus PBL


Thank you.

I called the ISP and let them know they are on the blocklist. Frankly, I don’t expect that they will do anything about it (How could they? They would essentially have to babysit every one of their customers, identify compromised addresses within the subnet, etc.).

The ISP went on to say there is nothing they can do to move me out of this subnet.

So, essentially, I’m knackered and there is nothing I can do about it.

Forgive me for saying it, but I think this ultimately reflects on Cloudflare. It is their algorithm that tars every user in the subnet with the same brush (i.e., by adopting Spamhaus’s blanket list). It’s been a while since I’ve used CIDR, but doesn’t that mask amount to ~2MM someodd IP addresses?

I cannot imagine I am the only one who is having this UX (clearly not, considering I am not the OP). I suppose it will only be a critical mass of users migrating away from CF protected sites out of frustration that will make any difference.

This makes me wonder if anybody has gotten snared in CAPTCHA ■■■■ while using IPv6.


My apologies for my lack of clarity. I was just pointing out that the block did appear on at least one list and may not be related.
As for possible issues, some sites (for whatever reason) use JS or Captcha Challenges on all visitors. Things I’d investigate further, this guide by Google and any Proxy/Firewall/Adbockers on your local network and browsers.


That’s an interesting thought (re IPv6).

Withheld - thank you for the follow up. I will review these suggested approaches.


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