Authentication Error Code 10000, New User


I’ve made a new account, and I’m just getting the Authentication Error Code 10000 banner at the bottom. I’m not able to access domain registration (error 403) or open a support ticket. When I selected What type of question do you have? A box just pops in for a split second and disappears, then it just says was this useful? (it wasn’t!). This is the behaviour in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, using a Mac or Windows machine.

I’m not too sure what I should do, I’ve seen a lot of threads about this so sorry about opening the 10000th one (pun intended).

Thank you!

Hey, I’m having this issue as well! Hoping I can get it fixed. Thanks!

Sorry for the issues, if you continue to encounter this, can you log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, then log in again? This helps resolve most common authentication issues. If the problem persists, try using another browser. If that does not help, please open an Account ticket and share your ticket number here. You can open an Account ticket here,

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