Authentication Error (Code: 10000) issue for 3 days

Hi. I tried to create a cloudflare account and get Authentication errors and 403s in the Cloudflare Dashboard. I also am unable to submit a ticket regarding this request. Looking at this thread: Authentication error (Code: 10000) in new account when log in I see that others have been having the same issue and have had to have a permissions fix applied to their account. I posted in that thread a couple days ago asking for the fix to be applied but it hasn’t been done yet. Could I have the fix applied to my account, please?

Is that the account you are using here? If so, can you try again? If not, can you share the name of a zone (website/site) in that account?

Thank you! It looks like it’s working now. I wasn’t able to add a website or do anything with the account before, but the errors look to be gone and I’m not getting a 403 on domain registration anymore. Thanks so much!


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