Authentication Error (Code 10000) and workers.api.error.entitlement Error (Code 10014)

Hi everyone,

I was recently added to the account of a client’s domain and I wanted to try setting up a Worker. However, every page in my dashboard is returning an Authentication Error, and specifically a workers.api error when I’m in the Workers area, which prevents me from using it entirely.

This seems to be a common issue, judging from other threads in the Community. Could anyone from Cloudflare help?

Thanks in advance.


I am having the exact same issue. Were you able to get this resolved?

Hi Jeremy,

No I wasn’t, actually. I opened a ticket with Cloudflare that was closed while we were still talking to the support team, whose overall response time was too slow to begin with. I ended up having to be invited via a different email address and even then I get occasional error messages.


Thank you so much Fábio.

We tried this approach, and now we are getting a different Cloudflare error - argh! This error → I cant add new member / Error 1005 - #99 by reception3

Appreciate your time in responding.


Thank you for reporting that, we expect a 1005 fix early next week

Sorry for the issues with that

Was a fix published? I am currently getting a 10014 error code. My team member added me to their cloudflare account and now I am trying to set up workers, but getting this error code on the workers page. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I’ve the same issue here. Please say me if you have find a solution. Thank you