Authentication Error 10000

I changed my account name, after this I am unable to access my sites, audit log and what not. I am able to login but after changing my account name my sites have been removed & I can’t add them or make any changes in any part of my Cloudflare account. I can’t understand what to do. Would you please help?

I can see there may be an issue here, I can see your ticket 2683386 and added a link to this post and will escalate for the attention of my colleagues. Sorry for the issues & :crossed_fingers: for rapid resolution.

(From the screen shot you shared on your ticket, it looks like the root cause of the issue may be duplicate accounts, can you share the name of a domain in the account in which you logged in where you do not see any zones?)

Another quick try as I am now getting different results, can you log out and log back in and/or try from an incognito window and/or different browser?

I had tried doing this but it didn’t work

The domain is akagrow. com

I am having the exact same issue. I changed my account name and cannot access all sites — ticket number #2696371. Domain name

No Sites can be managed under that account

I’m having the exact same issue. Did anyone above get this fixed?