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We had a temporary issue with the primary email associated with my Cloudflare account. It was unable to receive emails with authentication tokens. I read in your documentation that Cloudflare will try again but after a few tries it will flag the email and no further emails will be sent to that recipient. Now that the email has been fixed, how can we re-enable sending email from Cloudflare’s authentication system so that we can access the account again? If not, please let me know how else I can regain access to the account.


Hi @dan15, sorry for the issue you’re facing. This tip outlines the best process to regain access, Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication. Please share your ticket number here as I’ll triage it for the support team.


If you can’t get into your account, email Support from that email address. That should open a Support Ticket. support AT cloudflare DOT com

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