Authentication Code Verification Issue during Domain Transfer to Cloudflare: 5000: undefined method `with_indifferent_access'

Today, I successfully transferred four domains from Google to Cloudflare. However, I encountered an issue with the authentication code verification for my last domain.

When I input an incorrect authentication code, I receive the expected response stating that the code is invalid. However, when I input the correct code, the request spins for a while before displaying an error message in the network tab. The error message appears to be originating from the Ruby on Rails backend.

Here are the details from the Cloudflare API request:


  "result": {
    "message": "5000: undefined method `with_indifferent_access' for \"Query execution timeout\":String",
    "extra": {
      "epp_result_code": 5000
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "messages": []

The error message indicates a problem with the method with_indifferent_access in the context of “Query execution timeout” as a String, pointing to a potential issue in the Ruby on Rails backend.

Thanks for your help.

My auth code has a few question marks ( ? ) in the string which I think is the cause, unfortunately there is no way that I can see for Google Domains to generate a new one :frowning:

The system worked today, Yay!

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