Authenticating my domain name in an email marketing software

I bought my domain name from Blue Host. I host my site in Cloudflare. My email marketing software asked me to authenticate my domain name by adding CNAMES to my DNS. Where should I add these CNAMES in blue host ( the registrar)? or in Cloudflare ( The hosting company )?

Cloudflare typically works as a proxy between your visitors and the server hosting your site.

According to your explanation, it sounds more likely to be something like:

  • Bluehost (the registrar + hosting provider)
  • Cloudflare (the DNS provider)

That said, if you use Cloudflare as a DNS provider, you would need to add / adjust your DNS records in Cloudflare.


If it’s for authentication purpose, you may (or may not) need to grey-cloud the record so your domain can be authenticated.