Authenticated Origin pulls with Amazon ELBs possible?

We are looking to use Authenticated Origin Pulls to validate that all requests to our site are coming from Cloudflare. Looking at the documentation for Authenticated Origin pulls with Cloudflare, the docs talk about Nginx or Apache setups. Our setup puts an AWS ELB in front of our Nginx instance, and it does not seem from the docs that Cloudflare and AWS ELBs want to work together on pulls.
This may be more of a AWS question, but hopefully we are not the only people who put an ELB in front of our edge. Is there anyone who is using authenticated origin pulls with Amazon ELBs, or is it just not possible at the moment?

Thank you

I don’t believe ELB supports TLS client certificate authentication. My solution is to set the security group to only accept traffic from Cloudflare’s IP address ranges.

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