Authenticated Origin Pulls feature - Godaddy, Pagecloud and cloudflare

Hey guys,

Like most of you all, I received an email about Authenticated Origin Pulls feature And how I need to renew it in January.
I’m not really technical so I was wondering if anyone could explain it to me in simpler terms so I know what to do in the New Year. I’ve created a website by pagecloud, Go daddy owns the domain and it is hosted at cloudflare ( I think I have this right).

Just wondering what I need to do with the file I was meant to download so that I can just continue to have an online presence.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @quang, sorry for the confusion. You may not need to take any action, it depends upon if you have enabled Authenticated Origin Pulls on the SSL/TLS app of the cloudflare dashboard, under the origin server tab.

If you have enabled that feature, then you want to update the extra certificate by downloading it from our Help Center and then uploading it to your origin server (via an FTP client or your hosting provider can assist you).

I checked the domain in your account and see that you do have this feature enabled. You can either disable it or update the certificate. If it’s enabled, it’s an extra level of protection to ensure your origin server is only accepting HTTPS requests from Cloudflare.

I’d be surprised if GoDaddy or Pagecloud would let a user put one of these “extra” certificates in their account. So enabling that feature at Cloudflare’s end doesn’t help, and probably ever-so-slightly slows down the initial connection.

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