Authenticated Origin Pulls Documentation Mixup

The documentation for configuring Authenticated Origin Pulls on the origin web-server seems to have vanished, and looks like it has been accidentally replaced by developer documentation.

Previously, the docs mentioned Apache and Nginx configuration and how to install the Cloudflare client certificate. For example, SSLVerifyClient and SSLCACertificateFile were used with Apache. The support page was Authenticated Origin Pulls – Cloudflare Help Center at

Now, the previous link, and all other links on this topic including on the SSL/TLS dashboard, redirect to this developer page at

The new page contains no description of web-server configuration. It seems oriented to developers using the Cloudflare API, rather than administrators configuring a web-server.

Thanks for sharing that feedback - I will raise this internally to see if we can restore or relocate the Apache/Nginx instructions.

For now - this documentation from IBM Cloud covers the process pretty well:

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This has now been relocated to:

ref: Added apache and nginx examples by kodster28 · Pull Request #1633 · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub


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