Authenticated origin pull email - unsure what to do on shared host?


I received an email from Cloudflare stating my configuration is using Authenticated Origin Pulls feature - I had no idea I was, but ok!

They are requesting I update update my origin server to authenticate with the new authenticated origin pull certificate and give the link here

Problem 1) I have 4 sites on cloudflare, a main one, 2 smaller sites and a domain. Which site is it referring to? There is no message in the Cloudflare dashboard?

Problem 2) I’m on a shared host. I can nearly categorically state they will not install anything. So I’m wondering how this came about that it needs to be reinstalled?

I’ve visited the SSL/TSL settings on my dashboard. Only 1 of the 4 sites mentions I have an origin server certificate which expires in 2031 none of the other sites have this.

They all have Edge certificates as I’m using Cloudflare’s free SSL.

Could someone please help me with the above as I am lost!

Thank you.

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