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I was instructed to add DKIM txt records to me DNS on cloudflare in order to authenticate emails which I did. The process was supposed to take 48 hours to propogate, however, it’s been 5 days and I still cannot authenticate my email. I checked the DKIM txt record it is correct as is. I use GMAIL for my email. I appreciate any advise fixing this issue.



Cloudflare’s DNS records should propagate in seconds. If these records are :orange: in the DNS control panel change them to :grey: as the provider is looking to validate the values of the record and having them orange clouded hides the true values.


I updated the status from the orange cloud to the grey one on my records that did have orange clouds, however, the DKIM record doesn’t have any cloud under the status for me to update. Is that a problem? I tried to authenticate the email again and it still didn’t work.


dig txt returns the value in the Cloudflare DNS control panel… you might double-check the value vs what your mail provider asked you to enter.

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