Authenticate email from mailchimp

I want to Authenticate email from mailchimp . I’ve copied the exact CNAME and value that provided by mailchimp and paste into my record data . But it seems like Cloudflare are not pulling out the CNAME i guess. Check this out:

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You appear to have a TXT record at that label. A CNAME cannot exist at the same label as other record types (excepting certain DNSSEC records).

Make sure that DKIM CNAME records are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Hello thanks for responding !
Sorry i’m quite new on this field.
What do you mean bt CNAME cannot exist at the same label as other record ?
Do i need to delete any record from my end ?

What record type have you created for in your Cloudflare DNS?

It’s CNAME type i guess .

If your domain is, the query responses don’t match what you have shown.

yes that is my domain.

The “” and “” CNAME is the recent CNAME that i inserted for mailchimp email authentication

Are you sure you don’t have a TXT record with the name label as your CNAME records?

When I request a CNAME for your k2._domainkey and k3._domainkey records, I get no answer. When I lookup a TXT record with the same label, I see a TXT record that matches the corresponding Mailchimp record.

The problem is the CNAME is flattening , so i change the flatten CNAME at root instead of flatten all CNAMEs and it’s worked !
Thank you for your respond :+1:

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