Authenticate domain for email provider purposes

Hi, I use Mailerlite for my email provider and they have asked me to autenticate my domain. When doing so they have asked me to create a TXT record I already have about 8 TXT records, is this correct? And would deleting any affect my site or email? Thank you!

You can have multiple TXT records for the same domain/subdomain no problem.

Whether any of your existing ones can be deleted depends on if you still need them for the services you are using.

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Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated!

I am receiving the following message; “SenderID/SPF has more than one record. Remove all others and leave only one”

Do you know what this could mean?

Thanks again!

It means you have more than one SPF record (a TXT record that starts v=spf1). You will need to merge the content of them into one, or remove one if it refers to a mail service you no longer use.

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OK great, thanks very much once again!

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