Auth0 SAML working, but returned fields missing

I successfully connected Auth0 to cloudflare via SAML, however the “email” fields are not populated, nor are the groups.

From Auth0’s perspective, my test shows the SAML it is returning contains my email info, and active directory groups, but cloudflare only sees my name, givenName, and surName.

I assume i need to do some custom mapping of some sort, and i can do this with json in auth0 - but i dont know how to map the values to cloudfront.I tried using Auth0’s default of {“mappings”:{“email”:“xxxx”}}, but it does not work.

Any ideas?

Hello, i managed to finally figure this out.

In my Authentication configs for Auth0 SAML (on cloudflare Teams), in optional configurations i found adding these values to Email Attribute name and SAML attributes got the mapping to work.

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