Auth Codes Not Working to Transfer Domains to Cloudflare

I successfully transferred 12 domains from GoDaddy to Cloudflare earlier today. Now I’m trying to transfer a handful more and none of my auth codes are being recognized by Cloudflare - all processes the same as earlier today.

i had godaddy refresh codes - new ones also don’t work - also refreshed credit card and added a backup card

i just had godaddy issue/refresh all my auth codes after same - new ones also don’t work

also refreshed my credit card and added a backup

What’s the exact error message you’re seeing? Is there any error code? Can you provide a screenshot?

Well, this is what I’m seeing:

same - i have 10 i’m trying to transfer an it is rejecting all of them

okay - everything seems to be working now - successfully accepted codes and transfer done - doing exactly what i was doing 2 hours ago


It seems this is a temporal glitch in Cloudflare and not the case that the auth code is incorrect.

If it’s still not working for you, I’ll recommend you wait for a while, perhaps an hour or so, and try again.

Thanks! Looks like it’s finally working again. Appreciate the heads up!

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