Auth codes and payments accepted, but not all transfers took place

I recently attempted to transfer 3 domains (2 from Namecheap and 1 from Namesilo) to my Cloudflare account. This was on 1/5/2020, 5 days before the expiration of all of the domains.

I submitted the correct auth codes for all 3 to Cloudflare (two on one screen and one on a different screen–that’s how the system prompted me), finished the payment using Paypal and saw on both my Paypal account and on my Cloudflare invoice that the payment was successful.

Fast forward a few days to 1/9/2020, and I notice that only one of the domains had transferred (the one from Namesilo). I contacted Namecheap to see if there was a problem with the transfer and they indicated they didn’t receive any transfer requests. They suggested the transfers may have been canceled on the Cloudflare side or (if that wasn’t the case), there was some other reason they didn’t go through.

I figured I would contact Cloudflare support to see what might have gone wrong, and it’s looking like they’re just as baffled as I am. It was recommended that I retry the transfers that didn’t go through (the 2 domains from Namecheap), and credit would be applied to my Cloudflare account in the event they are successful this time.

While that’s not a terrible suggestion, there are a couple of things that are making me not want to go that route:

  1. there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again

  2. I already have a credit on my Cloudflare account–and I’m wondering if that can be used to pay for the domains, instead of putting additional transactions on my Paypal account for items already paid for

I could be totally wrong, but my theory as to why one set of transfers didn’t take place may be related to trying to transfer domains from more than one registrar at a time.

I’m still in the process of trying to get this cleared up as soon as possible, as today is the official expiration date of the two domains that I wanted to transfer. So far, Namecheap support has been stellar when I contacted them to try to find out what was going on. I’ll give an update when I can on how things go on the Cloudflare side of it.

As it stands, I’m not truly fond of “try transferring again, and we’ll credit your account.” What makes more sense to me is: “try transferring again, and we’ll deduct from the existing credit in your account.

Granted, there might be the necessity to implement that functionality, if it doesn’t already exist–so this is something that might count as suggestive feedback for product/billing modification.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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At this point, unless you know how to get the losing registrar to immediately release the domain, you should renew in place, wait a few days and then try again.

At least, this would be my advice if you like your domain to continue resolving in the meantime.

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They’re not holding the domains “hostage,” as it were. I received a message from them at 11:54pm pst (within the last hour before this response); I’m quoting them: “[The domains] look fully prepared for transfer on our end.

It’s totally looking like the transfer of 2 of the 3 domains from that order wasn’t initiated, but the payment for all of them was, lol.

Still waiting to hear back from Cloudflare. If nothing else, I’ll just renew those two at the old registrar and shake my head at whatever is happening on the Cloudflare end.

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Understood, I don’t mean to suggest that they’re doing anything malicious. But transfers that cross the expiry are messy at best, and in some cases the nameservers end up incorrect with only a(nother) Cloudflare support ticket to resolve it.

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Got it, that’s exactly how I interpreted your comment.

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I just renewed both at Namecheap. We’ll see how the Cloudflare refund goes.