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Hello…I am unable to access my website at the moment and have tried calling Cloudflare with no resolution. Currently my domain is registered with ClourFlare (according to icann) and my wordpress site is hosted by GoDaddy. I’ve been told that Cloudflare needs to point the A Record to the GoDaddy IP but they say my domain is not registered with them (despite the icann report). I am currently trying to access my authorization code in order to synch the two but have been unable to obtain that as well. I am truly at a loss on what to do, does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?


And what is your domain?

And what is the A record GoDaddy asked you to use?

Also, do you have access to the Cloudflare account that was used to register your domain?

Customer on enterprise plans have phone support, you probably reached a sales line.

Who are the they in “they say”? If godaddy, they are correct cloudflare is the registrar.

Correct, but you need to do 2 other things first.

  1. Login at and go to and add your website to your account. It is deleted from your account at the moment.
  2. Can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here, On the ticket let the agent know they need to change your nameservers to the two that are assigned after you complete step 1 above.

Let us know the ticket number once you have it and we’ll flag the ticket and your post for our colleagues in Support.

  1. Once you’ve done 1 & 2 above at that point you’ll want to add an A record with the value of the IP address of your origin (host) server at godaddy. These instructions will get you started, Create zone apex record · Cloudflare DNS docs

@Laudian @cloonan No I do not have access to the account that was used. We had a firm managing everything for us. It bounced around during some company transitions and honestly I’m not even sure who wound up setting it up through cloudflare and who’s even paying for it.

Maybe you can get lucky by using the contact form shown in WHOIS for that domain:

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Thanks for the reply @cloonan . I’ve attempted to add the website to my account (although it wasnt the original account that set it up, so not sure how that comes in to play). It said give it 24 hours to update the nameservers. I will say, I have this message on the page: is not active on Cloudflare yet
Update the nameservers at your registrar to activate Cloudflare services for this domain.”
I’m a little confused with this since Cloudflare is my registrar so i would need to do this in my Cloudflare account, which i can’t.

Thanks @sdayman for the idea. Unfortunately, that goes back to me.

I’d call that very fortunate. If you are listed as the contact/owner of the domain, you can prove ownership quite easily.

Things would probably be a lot harder if whoever managed the domain entered their own data.


Once you add it to the account where you want to control it, the Support team can assist, if …

Thanks again for the help @cloonan Tucker number is * Ticket ID: 3165939

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We have replied to the ticket with more information please see ticket for next steps. We appreciate your patience.