Australian traffic wrong routing

(sorry if this is the wrong category but this is the only category i could see where this fits)
hello can anyone explain to me why from roughly the 9th of april to the 9th of may australians trying to connect to a Cloudflare hosted gaming server in canada were being rerouted through hong kong and other areas adding an extra 200ms ping to their connections resulting in an increase of ping from 200-400ms roughly,
this rerouting also occurred whilst doing reverse trace pings from the Cloudflare hosted gaming server in canada to australians and the connection was being rerouted through hong kong.
from the 9th of may to the 11th of may this rerouting stopped resulting in australian connection decreasing to its normal 200ms however yesterday the 12th of may this rerouting occurred again and still is occurring.
the gaming server has been Cloudflare hosted for a little over a year and australian connection has been 200-220ms roughly the entire time until the 9th of april.
any information i can find regarding this issue says basically says that australian traffic is routed a certain way based on the Cloudflare plan that is active at the time, for example the enterprise plan will result in australians having prioritized traffic but the pro plan will result in australians having rerouted traffic.
can anyone confirm this?

Your routing to a given IP is dictated by your ISP’s peering agreements and routing decisions.

It’ll never be specific to Australian traffic but Enterprise plans do get advertised from a special range which ISPs may route differently.