Australian traffic routing on different cloudflare plans

for 2 years i have averaged a 200-220ms connection when connecting to a Cloudflare hosted server in canada from australia, since april 9th i have averaged a 200-400ms connection connecting to said server, ping traces to said server and reverse traces from said server indicate my connection is being rerouted through hong kong adding an additional 200ms to my connection. why is this happening?
my understanding is due to data costs in australia that Cloudflare doesnt peer with the major australian isps meaning there is no prioritization of australian internet traffic leading to australian connections being rerouted to places like hong kong to offset data costs UNLESS the Cloudflare hosted server is on the enterprise plan.
can anyone elaborate more on this please?

On what exactly? You already kind of summarised it. The more expensive your plan is, the more you have a chance for better routing and only Enterprise sort of gives you a guarantee.

Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me? addresses this in detail and Home | Cloudflare Tools will show you where the different plan levels typically route you.


Because Telstra and Optus do not want to peer with Cloudflare

I suggest you go with an ISP that peers with Cloudflare like Aussie Broadband

You could also try using Cloudflare Warp to see if that connects you locally

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i am with telstra yes and have been for many years, as i said in the original post i have had a 200-220ms connection for 2 years connecting to the server in question up until april, so is it safe to say that said server downgraded the plan they were on in april leading to my connection being rerouted through hong kong adding an additional 200ms to my connection.

I am still not sure what your question is. The linked article addresses the issue.

What does other address say?

thanks for the reply sandro, ill take a look at that link now. i appreciate the information.

Can you post a screenshot of Home | Cloudflare Tools? That would show your routing.

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