Australian Bandwidth

From what I understand, the free version of Cloudflare routes most Australian traffic offshore. Does the Pro plan utilise Australian POPs? If not, which plan does?

The Australian ISPs do that by how they route their traffic to the IPs.
Pro plans do get access to more locations than free so it can help.

Does the Pro plan gets routed to Australian servers from Telstra/Optus?

It’s hard to say, and can change at any time. If you’re on Telstra or Optus you can open this page to get a general idea

On my phone (Optus) it looks like all Pro and above is routed to my closest PoP at the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. It would be great if Cloudflare would document the network priority of each plan especially which ones route to Australian servers 100% of the time. Routing traffic offshore would be counter productive to my site’s performance.

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